XBOX 360 Console Elite


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Xbox 360 Elite with two blockbuster games, wireless controller and other accessories.

  • Xbox 360 Elite console: The console is equipped with an HDMI port, HDMI cable, a black wireless controller and black Xbox LIVE® headset. It also comes with three powerful core processors, 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio, anti-aliasing for smooth textures, full surround sound, and DVD playback with upscaling capabilities right outof the box.
  • Games: Xbox 360 redefines what games look like, sound like, feel like, and play like to engage you like never before. Every Xbox 360 title supports a minimum of 720p, and up to 1080p high definition resolution or 480p standard definition resolution, in 16:9 widescreen, with anti-aliasing so you enjoy smooth, movie-like graphics and multi-channel surround sound. Vibrant characters display depth of emotion to evoke more dramatic responses, immersing you in the experience.
  • Xbox 360 120GB hard drive: The huge 120GB detachable hard drive allows gamers to save their games and store television shows, movies, music, pictures, trailers, extra game levels, demos and other content available from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Also sold separatley.
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (black): The sleek black finish of this high-performance wireless controller matches the style of the Elite Console. It has a range of up to 30 feet and a battery life of 30 hours on two AA batteries. Also sold separatley.
  • Xbox 360 headset (black): Now available in black, the headset lets you strategize while playing together online or trade taunts with your opponents. You can also send voice messages to friends on Xbox LIVE.
  • Xbox 360 HDMI cable: New to Xbox 360, HDMI lets you get HD video (up to 1080p) and multichannel surround sound, all from one cable.
  • Includes two free games: Get your game started with two award-winning blockbusters! Experience the explosive sci-fi action of Halo® 3 and the intriguing medieval adventure of Fable® II.
  • Free Netflix trial: See how easy it is to stream movies instantly to your console from Netflix, many in high definition.

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